Not If, But When: Is Your Company Cloud Computing Yet?

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PaaS gives companies the option to run an application server and utilize a variety of management and deployment tools on top of it. It’s all about the platform, according to InfoWorld, with infrastructure handling and higher-level runtime as part of the platform services. Companies can also tap into a marketplace of other services like databases and log management.

SaaS provides businesses with a single application with a multiplied style of architecture. It means no upfront investments and easy maintenance, due to lower provider costs. SaaS is common for many HR apps.

Collab in the Cloud

A recent survey by the Association for Information and Image Management found that businesses are finding benefits in moving content to the cloud, especially in the area of collaboration. Sixty-eight percent agreed that better communication between remote business locations would result by putting content in the cloud; 64 percent said it would enable closer communication and collaboration with customers.

Data and privacy

One concern for many businesses making the switch to the cloud is the issue of security and privacy protection. Businesses can choose a private cloud, infrastructure that’s unique and created for a single organization. This allows restricted access to whatever level is being used by the business. For instance, many CIO’s think that cloud usage may cause them to relinquish the control of their domains. But this assumption is incorrect, as cloud computing is showing itself to be the most comprehensive data storage center that offers good controls to participating companies and organizations.

What’s Next?

Many point to 2013 as the year the cloud becomes invisible. Cloud computing will be so widespread, discussion won’t be centered on its value as much as what you’re doing in it. Even today, leaders are finding it’s not so much if you’ll move to the cloud, but when (if you haven’t already). As such, use of the term “cloud” should diminish.

More businesses are bringing their data, files and infrastructure to the cloud, and it’s changing the way businesses are run today.

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