8 Incredible Coconut Oil Weight Loss Secrets

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Coconut Oil is a regular feature in many homes. It has earned its place for so many reasons! It is a fantastic moisturiser, with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in it’s unprocessed virgin state. But what if I told you that coconut oil can help with weight loss?

I can understand if you are dubious. How can a substance that is 100% fat assist with weight loss? TGH will explain all, with the following 8 benefits of coconut oil, that can actually help you to slim down.

1. Reduces Hunger and Cravings

Top of this list is the fact that coconut oil can actually curb hunger pangs and cravings for food. This is supported by a study which followed 12 healthy male volunteers. Each was kept in isolation with no time cues, and then observed following the consumption of various kinds of breakfast. They were given a high-carbohydrate breakfast with either a fat substitute, a monounsaturated long-chain triaglycerol fat (LCTs), a saturated LCTS or a medium-chain triaglycerol fat.

Coconut oil is a medium-chain triaglycerol or MCT.

Hunger was measured at regular intervals and the point at which the next two meals were requested was noted, along with the actual amount of food consumed.

It was found that including fats with the breakfast significantly delayed the request for the next meal compared to the low fat breakfast. In addition the lunch consumed after the MCT breakfast was significantly smaller than the meals following the other breakfasts.

This can be useful to know, as the simple inclusion of MCTs in our meals may reduce our overall calorie consumption throughout the day – without us even needing to try. This also shows us that all calories are not equal! Weight loss is more about the specific foods that we consume. The source of calories matters more than simply the numbers behind the foods.

2. Burns Fat Faster

Coconut oil, is classed as a thermogenic fat, which means that it may actually increase our energy expenditure when compared to other kinds of fat. This is also connected to the fact that it is a MCT.

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