8 Incredible Coconut Oil Weight Loss Secrets

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The researchers used the Atkins Health Indicator test to assess the mood of participants following various weight loss regimes. It was reported that those individuals following a ketogenic diet (like one including coconut oil) experienced less negative effects and hunger when compared to people on a low fat diet.

Our mood governs our behaviour to a large degree. Feeling happy is more likely to result in wanting to get active, which can in turn help with weight loss. Depression on the other hand can be connected to over eating and other behaviours linked with weight gain.

6. Helps Body To Absorb Nutrients

Coconut oil can assist the body in absorbing fat soluble vitamins, such as A,D,E and K. They help to regenerate cells, improve mood and brain function, aid digestion, build healthy skin and nails and much more.

Proper nutrition can help us to feel better! Reduced stress, reduced hunger and a well functioning body are all essential to help with weight loss.

7. Supports Thyroid Function

Studies have shown that long-chain triaglyceride fats can have a negative impact on the hormone function of the body – leading to thyroid damage. Coconut oil can actually support healthy hormone production. This underpins the very framework of the functioning of our bodies.

8. Stabilises Blood Sugar

Coconut oil can help us to keep levels of blood sugar stable. This is one of the holy grails of weight loss! Steady blood sugar levels = less insulin spikes = less fat storage.

How to Add Coconut Oil To Your Diet

The first thing is to be sure that you are buying the very best quality of coconut oil. Fortunately, The Good Human Guide to Buying Coconut Oil can help you there.

While you can of course eat a spoonful of coconut oil throughout your day, it may be more sensible to simply substitute it for other fats that you normally use. Being 100% fat, you will find 13.6g of fat in every tablespoon and 117 calories.

That said, it is not like many other fats, in that there is no link between coconut oil and heart disease. In fact, many of the healthiest populations in the world consume this oil on a regular basis, with far fewer cardiovascular problems than other countries. The Pacific Islands in particular have an extremely high intake of coconut oil, with 60% of their calories coming from coconuts. They are reported to have a very low occurrence of heart disease.

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