Everything You Need To Know About Coconuts for Your Health. Plus Make Your Own Coconut Milk!

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Are coconuts really a superfood?

Are coconut products just another healthy fad that will soon pass by?

It would be true to say that coconuts are a hot trend right now! They are said to be fantastic for health and fitness. Amongst other things, coconut water is being sold as a natural post sports recovery drink, coconut milk is claimed to be a fabulous dairy free alternative to cow’s milk…..and coconut oil has around a trillion health claims attached to it.

These hard brown balls of nutrition can offer our bodies serious nourishment in many forms. Coconut water, milk and oil are all great additions to our diet – but what is the difference between each one? What should we look for when we purchase? And, how should we use them?

What about their high levels of saturated fat?

There is no denying the high levels of saturated fat in coconut – but they are one of those elusive ‘good fats’ that you have heard about. Therefore they will not cause weight gain, and in fact could have the opposite effect. Read more on this below.

The Good Stuff

  • Coconuts are packed with fibre (which aids digestion) and they are full of antioxidants. These mop up free radicals that cause damage and inflammation to the cells in our bodies.
  • They are a classified as a superfood because of their antiviral, anti parasitic and anti fungal benefits.
  • They smell delicious and taste divine (in my opinion!)
  • Each coconut product comes with it’s own specific benefits and uses – so let’s look at each one in turn.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water
Coconut Water
  • Coconut water is not the same as coconut milk!
  • It is the clear sweet liquid found inside fresh, young, green coconuts, the coconut juice. It is considered ‘nature’s own sport’s drink’.

Coconut water contains water, natural sugar and electrolytes – which rehydrates, replenishes energy and rebalances your body after heavy sweating! It is even isotonic, meaning it has the same osmotic pressure as our blood. In addition you will find a host of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in natural coconut water. The best age to harvest a coconut to gather the most nutritious milk is when they are between 5 and 7 months.

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