Compost – Good For Your Veggies, Good For The Environment.


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The decision to “go green” has been widely embraced by the general public. For those who fancy working in the garden, the benefits of using compost have brought nothing less than excellent results.

Although some might complain that the smell is unbearable, the savvy gardener knows that if you are doing it right, there should not be any smell at all from composting. The benefits of using compost far outweigh any negative excuse you can muster. If the soil in your backyard happens to be of poor quality, the use of compost can improve both drainage and moisture absorption. This allows for the production of better plant growth and vegetables. Your soil will be laden with nutrients, which in turn replaces the use of large quantities of NPK fertilizer, which is fossil fuel based.

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This is not the only benefit that compost offers the environment. Our landfills are filled daily by our waste products, and when one fills to the brim, it is then necessary to build another landfill elsewhere. Another landfill built means more money spent on transportation, and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions from waste-hauling trucks.

But it doesn’t end there. Hotels, and other large commercial real estate spend a considerable amount of money on landscaping. This attracts customers and increases the value of the property. However, utilizing the option of compost can reduce the finances that are earmarked and reduce synthetic chemicals that are use for this necessary beautification. It is possible to be self-sufficient by recycling and reusing what you thought was trash. You need no more than the space of a dumpster to compost your front lawn. Read more about how to compost.

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  1. My girlfriend’s roommate is composting in her actual room. It’s soooo gross, but as an eco-conscious person, I have a hard time complaining… she also has a worm farm. Very odd.

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