Compost Made Easy – 10 Basic Truths


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Over at Mother Earth News they have a great article about composting and how just about anyone can compost at their house.

From the site:

Starting a new compost pile can be a fast, easy project. But new composters sometimes feel frustrated as they struggle to learn more about how the process works – an understandable problem since there is a wealth of information available about composting and not one, absolute – right way to do it. As we take a close look at 10 basic truths of composting, it’s obvious that the world of composting is seldom black and white – or shall we say brown and green? At the same time, home composting is much easier than what you might have heard.

So if you were thinking of starting to compost, this article at Mother Earth News could help you head in the right direction!

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  1. Hi Marie

    If only everyone only had one garbage can on trash day, what a better place we would all be in!

    Living in an apartment I am a little scared of composting in my kitchen in one of those plug in units…but as soon as we get our house, I hope to have a big pile of scraps in the backyard!

  2. Hey–

    composting is basically dumping all your household veggie junk, old bread, egg shells, etc. and letting it get all nice and warm…adding some brown stuff (leaves), turning it, and black gold time! (it does get buggy, though).

    We barely (we also have a woodstove insert where we burn nontoxic waste) have even ONE CAN o’ garbage on garbage day!

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