So You’ve Heard About The Shift In Consciousness? Here’s What You Need To Do About It!

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One of the big buzz phrases of recent years has been that we are living in auspicious times, things are changing, we are experiencing a shift in consciousness. I am sure you will have heard this, and maybe you are even sensing it. Can you feel a change in your vibrational energy? Or are you sceptical? What is it really all about?

The documentary linked below is the third in a series, although you can absolutely watch it alone. It is a wonderful trigger for the mind to really think about this concept of a shift. This post aims to explore some of the ideas presented in the video, although it will take a few more posts to cover these in any depth. So for now, here is a break down of what exactly is meant by a shift in consciousness, what evidence there is to support this concept and most importantly…what we can do to support this astronomically and energetically special time in history.

You can find articles on the previous two documentaries here…one and two, plus links to the videos themselves embedded into the posts.

What Do We Mean By A Shift In Consciousness?

There are many angles to look at this question. Life on Earth is changing, systems are unstable, many people are starving and being killed in the name of religion. More and more people are feeling dissatisfied with how things are. And this is leading more and more people to change their mind set, which is impacting our current paradigm. Put simply, the shift in consciousness is a movement of thoughts, energies and intentions towards a common, unified and more evolved direction. This is considered to be the case on an energetic, quantum level, as well as an emotional level. It is humans waking up to the reality of our situation and realising they want something better.

How Can We Know That A Shift In Consciousness Is Happening?

It is not unusual for individuals sensing the shift, to feel that they are alone in these feelings. To feel that they are the only one going through an energetic change, and that they would be laughed out of town if they admitted the kind of questions they are starting to ask of themselves and of the societal structures that bind us.

It is no surprise that we feel separate from one another, this is exactly how the system has been held in place for so long. We are made to feel separated by the mainstream media and entertainment. But the truth is that were are interconnected and many people are expanding their thoughts and behaviours . We are starting to recognise our own power – the same power that each of us has. When we look at events in our recent history there are actually plenty of examples of people working together, acting in unity for the greater good. These can be seen as indicators of the shift in consciousness in action.




In 2011, Time Magazine named ‘Protestors’ as the person on the year.

“Massive, effective street protest” was a Global oxymoron , until – suddenly, shockingly – it became the defining trope of our time And the protestor once again became a maker of history.

While we are not suggesting that you take to the streets right now, it is important to notice the changes that have been brought about in recent years by peaceful protests. In Greece, Spain, Iceland, Turkey, Egypt, America, Canada, Russia – and many more, people are unifying to bring awareness to the issues that matter to them – and they are being noticed. These protests are clear signs that the population of these countries are dissatisfied and starting to demand change.

Iceland’s Financial System


A particular group of protests worthy of note are those that took place in Iceland from October 2008to January 2009. The three main Icelandic banks were privatised in 2000. The banking system had been robust and virtually self sufficient to this point, but over the next five years, the three banks borrowed $120 billion, for unneccesary and lavish investments! More than 10x the value of Iceland’s economy. When the Global Economy took a downtown, the banks collapsed in the space of a week, taking people’s life savings with them.

Furious residents took to the streets and protested until they forced a change, and their governments resigned. Since then the economy in Iceland has improved, with the deficit almost eliminated, and unemployment at a low. They united and came together in a peaceful social action to raise awareness and demand change.

Conspiracy Theories

Another signal that people are beginning to reject the status quo, is the rise in so-called conspiracy theorists. People are starting to think for themselves, to go out and seek their own answers. There is a growing refusal to accept the information that is fed to us on a 24 hour cycle of infotainment – and a hunger for the truth. The internet, along with sources of social media are providing a path to the knowledge that people are looking for. One of the most disturbing theories, is that the American Government knows more than it is letting on about the atrocities of 9/11.

9/11 Doubters

The events of September 11th 2001 shook the World. An emotional tremor could be felt by millions of people, who watched in horror as the events unfolded. We waited with baited breath as the 9/11 commission published their report. We listened as our Governments told us who was to blame, and what they were going to do to retaliate. The War On Terror was born.


But as the 9/11 commission report was publicised, and as we heard more descriptions from eye-witnesses, there began to grow a gnawing unease. Things were not adding up. What we were being told did not fit with the reality from an architectural and engineering perspective. New facts began to emerge, and the official story began to look a bit thin. Opinion polls showed public opinion in New York and across the globe begin to change.

In 2002, a New York Times Opinion Poll asked the question:
“When it comes to what they knew prior to the attacks on 9/11, do you think the Bush Administration were telling the truth, or mostly lying?”

21% thought they were telling the truth.
65% felt they were mostly telling the truth but were hiding something.
8% thought they were mostly lying.
6% were not sure.

The poll was repeated in 2006, and the figures had changed somewhat by then.

16% thought they were telling the truth.
53% felt they were mostly telling the truth but were hiding something.
28% thought they were mostly lying.
3% were not sure.

Similar sentiments were captured by Zogby International in 2004, who reported that 50% of New Yorkers thought that leaders had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, which they failed to act upon. In the same year, CNN announced that 89% of Americans believed that the Government was covering up information about the event.

Looking further afield, World Public Opinions conducted a poll of over 16,000 individuals in 17 nations outside of the US. The overwhelming response was that Al Qaeda was not responsible for the attacks of September 11th.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is a non-profit organisation, which has the support of 2,349 architects and engineers (a number which is constantly growing). They are hoping to spread knowledge about what actually happened when the trade centres collapsed.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization of architects, engineers, and affiliates dedicated to researching and disseminating scientific information about the complete destruction of all three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11, 2001, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a truly independent investigation and supporting the victims in their pursuit of justice.

This is something that is refusing to go away. So many people were personally touched by the events of that day, and with a continual push for the truth it can only be a matter of time before an independent investigation takes place. In the meantime, it has shaken enough people to look more critically at those in authority. And to start to wonder, if they are lying about this, what else are they lying about? And why are they lying? These kind of thoughts are an indicator of, as well as contributing to the shift in consciousness.

Ancient Theories of The Present Day

We are aware of some cycles that our planet goes through on a regular basis – a day for example is the time it takes for Earth to spin on it’s axis. A month is the time it takes for the moon to orbit the Earth. But there are other, far longer cycles that we are unable to observe in their entirety. The ancient civilisation of the Mayans has many theories of solar cycles, stretching far into the future – including the present time as it stands now. You probably heard about the entry to a new world age, which began in December 2012. It was widely publicised that they predicted the end of the world – but in fact they were predicted the dawn of a new more transformative age (and so the end of an old one after 5,125 years – but not an apocalypse!). The Mayan theory ties in with the ancient Egyptian calendar, which entered the Age of Aquarius at around the same time. Both civilisations felt that this time (our present) would be the start of a new, higher level of consciousness, of intuition and interconnectedness. So this could certainly be contributing to the shift that is said to be happening.


Our ancestors devised every single method imaginable to alert us to a single fact; now is the time of the most extraordinary conditions and opportunities that accompany the rarest of events. the Shift from one world age to the next ~ Gregg Braden ‘Fractal Time’

Science suggests that the next step of human evolution will be marked by awareness that we are all independent cells within the super-organism called humanity ~ Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman ‘ Spontaneous Evolution

Quantum Physics

As we make further advances in the field of Quantum Physics, we are finding that the Eastern philosophies are often very close at describing what we are only just proving in the field of science. When we break everything down, to it’s deepest observable level, we are finding that we go beyond electrons and atoms. Further than that, we are even smaller, and yet infinitely vast – a pure pulsating, energetic life force. Everything in the Universe is made of up this exact same energy – and we are all interconnected, and affected by one another. The subtle interactions that take place between pockets of this energy could be described as consciousness. So it is not difficult to imagine that the energetic frequencies of people beginning to awaken to the truth are impacting everyone. Those energetic frequencies, which are instantaneously interconnected across the whole Universe, could be supporting the growing pace of the social ‘uprising’.

The Sun


While on the subject of energetic frequency, we should not overlook the sun. It has been worshipped for thousands of years – and is considered by many to have a profound and direct influence on human consciousness. Can the vast energy from the sun’s rays really have an affect on human energetic frequencies?

Scientist Alexander Chizhevsky certainly thought that they could – particularly at different points in what he called the ‘SunSpot Cycle’, which takes 11 years to complete. At certain points in the cycle solar flares occur, releasing jolts of energy, electrons, ions and atoms towards Earth. Chizhevsky mapped a chart which showed a correlation between the SunSpot Cycles and major events, such as wars that took place on Earth. Raymond Wheeler replicated his findings, and broke the 11 year cycle into chunks of time, when overall patterns in human emotion could be predicted.

The first 3 years were ‘Minimum Excitability’ – which is characterised by a lack of unity, indifference and tolerance of the masses. 5% of major historical events have taken place at this point in the cycle when we look back over history.

The next 2 years show a ‘Growth in Excitability’ – with new ideas originating, and people beginning to unite. 20% of major historical events have happened at this point of the cycle.

‘maximum Excitability’ occurs over the following 3 years – this is often accompanied by discovery of new solutions, people becoming impatient with the status quo, masses starting to unite and new leaders merging. At this point in the cycle, 60% of major historical events have occurred – and this is the point that we are at now.

The final stage of the cycle is a ‘Decline in Excitability’ – a 3 year period of calmer energy, and often peace. 15% of major historical events have been counted during this section of the SunSpot Cycle.

It is also interesting to note that NASA are expecting a massive solar storm at some point in our further, although they are unable to say when. It is mind boggling to imagine the energetic impact that could have on Earth.

I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the sun that will usher in what is being described by our ancient ancestors as ‘the transition’, bringing us to a new state of being ~Mitch Batros (Solar Researcher)

The Galaxy


Another factor which could potentially have a gigantic impact on our Global Consciousness is brewing in the centre of the milky way. An enormous black hole lies at the centre, which is currently sucking in a humungous plasma cloud. Experts are anticipating that once enough of the plasma cloud has been swallowed by the dense gravitational hole, there could be an eruption of cosmic rays spat out at our planet.

What Can We Do To Support The Shift?

So there is a lot of information to take in regarding what exactly a shift in consciousness is, whether it is really happening at all and why it could be happening. But the most important thing to ask is what should we be doing about it. We don’t even need to understand everything that has been discussed so far – we can feel a change, and an inner drive to do something about it. We need to consider what role we want to play. Here are some ideas from the Collective Evolution documentary.

Earth Ships

The Global systems are becoming increasingly unstable, while still expecting us to participate and depend on them. This is leading many individuals to turn to sustainable communities, off of the grid. It is possible to build a home, often known as Earth Ships, which do not require municipal water, electricity, gas or sewage connections. They are completely autonomous, often built from discarded tyres, rammed with earth. They harness the power from wind and sunlight and collect water on their roof. The buildings are made to be self warming and heating, and vegetable gardens are planted all around, with a few animals to make them totally independent. Earth Ships are earthquake and fire proof too.

They provide individuals with the opportunity to live with no bills! To reduce their carbon footprint to practically zero and live a life of ‘self governance’.

Alternative Energy

Many people are helping in the consciousness shift by finding alternative ways to supply the energy that is consumed on a massive scale every day. There are alternatives such as wind, solar and hydro of course, and there are slightly more unusual ideas such as the ‘gap power over unity device’.

More controversial of course, is the concept of ‘free energy’. Individuals have claimed to have figured out the secret to generating free energy – but it is all too often suppressed and ridiculed – something that goes back as far as Tesla. But people are beginning to get interested. It is obvious that free energy would mean a complete transformation of life and wealth. We would enter a new ‘energy paradigm’ – where oil did not rule the economy. Those in high powered multi-trillion dollar energy business would not be happy at all – we are beginning to wake up and see that technology that would benefit the whole world has been held back because of the desires of the elite.

What Can We Do Today?

Okay, let’s get back to reality and think about what we can do right now, in our every day life to be a part of the shift in consciousness. To help the world and support humanity on the next step of evolution. Is it possible to change the world in between the school run and cooking dinner? Well luckily for us all…it is doable!

Here is what you can do in easy to follow bullet points – you are already doing the first one.

  1. Research and spread the word on what you find (anything that interests you about our World)
  2. Vote with your wallet! Only buy products that you need, stop mindless consumerism! And buy from companies that care for the environment and their workers and all of us! Support organic, local, fair, forward thinking industry.
  3. Stand together with other people – join a cause, or a peaceful protest, or write a newsletter. Whatever resonates with you about a cause that matters to your heart!
  4. Opt of of the system in any way you can. The hierarchy only stands strong because we are all at the bottom holding it up on our shoulders. Recognise that! You are not powerless.
  5. Keep an open mind – be open to changing your consciousness and world view.

Sounds simple? Because it really is. It is about waking up and acting on the niggling worries in your head.


As the too often quoted Albert Einstein said:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

It is so true. As we ascend to a higher plane of consciousness we will see long term change. It is happening now, and building momentum. We are only at the beginning of the shift, and there is much more to come. The shift should not bring a feeling of fear, it is not being imposed on us. We are the ones making it happen. It is for us.

This is the time to stop waiting for those in authority to make our world a better place. We are powerful and when we work together we can achieve even more!

Well that was a long post today! I will explore some of the ideas in more depth over the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on what we covered today? What steps will you take to facilitate the shift? Or is it all nonsense? I love hearing your thoughts!

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