So You’ve Heard About The Shift In Consciousness? Here’s What You Need To Do About It!

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One of the big buzz phrases of recent years has been that we are living in auspicious times, things are changing, we are experiencing a shift in consciousness. I am sure you will have heard this, and maybe you are even sensing it. Can you feel a change in your vibrational energy? Or are you sceptical? What is it really all about?

The documentary linked below is the third in a series, although you can absolutely watch it alone. It is a wonderful trigger for the mind to really think about this concept of a shift. This post aims to explore some of the ideas presented in the video, although it will take a few more posts to cover these in any depth. So for now, here is a break down of what exactly is meant by a shift in consciousness, what evidence there is to support this concept and most importantly…what we can do to support this astronomically and energetically special time in history.

You can find articles on the previous two documentaries here…one and two, plus links to the videos themselves embedded into the posts.

What Do We Mean By A Shift In Consciousness?

There are many angles to look at this question. Life on Earth is changing, systems are unstable, many people are starving and being killed in the name of religion. More and more people are feeling dissatisfied with how things are. And this is leading more and more people to change their mind set, which is impacting our current paradigm. Put simply, the shift in consciousness is a movement of thoughts, energies and intentions towards a common, unified and more evolved direction. This is considered to be the case on an energetic, quantum level, as well as an emotional level. It is humans waking up to the reality of our situation and realising they want something better.

How Can We Know That A Shift In Consciousness Is Happening?

It is not unusual for individuals sensing the shift, to feel that they are alone in these feelings. To feel that they are the only one going through an energetic change, and that they would be laughed out of town if they admitted the kind of questions they are starting to ask of themselves and of the societal structures that bind us.

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