Conservative Group Planning Massive Energy Waste With ‘Carbon Belch Day’.


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In what one could possibly call the biggest group effort in the practice of ignorance and stupidity, we now have this:

Conservative grassroots group wants people to waste as much energy as possible on June 12 by “hosting a barbecue, going for a drive, watching television, leaving a few lights on, or even smoking a few cigars.” said it chose June 12 as the day it wants Americans to rev up their SUVs because it coincides with expected debate in Congress over a $1.2 billion carbon tax rebate program. “Carbon Belch Day will have at least as much impact on the so-called ‘planetary emergency’ of man-made global warming as the goofy save the earth mandates telling us to turn our lights off for an hour.”

I am not making this up. As I have written before, even if global warming is not happening, why do some people think it is a good idea to waste energy and pollute? I will never understand the mentality of these kind of people…ever.

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  1. You know, it’s one thing to disagree with the Al Gore’s of the world. And it is even acceptable to argue with the concept of global warming. However, why go out and intentionally try to find ways to be a mega consumer of resources. Like you said, I will never understand the mentality of these types of people. To me it indicates a certain selfishness on several levels.

  2. It’s not so much a determined effort to mindlessly waste energy as a reaction to more and more infringment on individual freedom. People are sick of being told by the likes of Al Gore of what they can and can not drive, what kind of houses they can buy, or even how long you can leave your lights on, and then go back to his “Mac mansion, his limo, his jet, to swim in his pool. Yes, we need to be enviormently responsible with the earth that we have been given, but what sets people off is the hypocrosity of guys like Gore. And this is the result.

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