The Realities Of Buying And Living In Container Homes

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The containers are built to be very tough, and have a life span of somewhere in the region of 30 years.

Sea of containers
Sea of containers

Environmental Impact Of Container Box Living

Container boxes are often chosen as living spaces by people looking to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.

When you realise that there are literally tons of unused storage containers taking up space this makes sense. It proves too expensive to ship empty containers back to their destination, and it works out cheaper to buy new ones in Asia (which is typically the source of most of the world’s imports).

This means that the destinations receiving goods from China and elsewhere are ending up with stockpiles of empty containers everytime a shipment arrives.

Finding a way to upcycle these into living spaces is therefore a very helpful way to combat the growing piles of empty containers that are growing at an astonishing rate.

Once converting them into a home, you can push your green scale even higher if you make it sustainable. Including solar panels and water tanks would do just this, while providing the added benefit of reducing your bills.

On the flip side of this is the argument that it could actually require more energy to convert a container into a home than building a similar structure from wood.

Stack of containers
Stack of containers

Cost Of Container Box Living

With house prices constantly rising it can be very difficult to get started on the home-owning ladder. It is not always desirable to spend years and years paying rent while trying to save a deposit to purchase a house.

Container homes can be very affordable by comparison. It is said to cost on average, somewhere in the region of $35,000 to pay for and convert a home created with 2 containers.

The containers themselves would set you back around $2,000. There is a requirement for the relevant permits, planning and regulation, which also come with a bill, but the renovations themselves can be done to some degree according to your own budget.

Practicality Of Living In A Container

The first practicality to consider when deciding to live in a container home is the space. They are pretty tiny! And if they need to be insulated, it becomes even smaller – with ceilings lower than 8 feet – plus of course the shape means that you will be working with a long narrow area.

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