Cool Foods Campaign: Take A Bite Out Of Global Warming.


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I know you know that some foods can have a detrimental effect on our environment, but do you know which foods and just how much damage they can do? Me neither, and that’s why I was so happy to come across the website for the Cool Foods Campaign, which aims to teach us about such things. A project of the Center for Food Safety and the CornerStone Campaign, the campaign makes the connections between the foods we eat and their contribution to global warming.

“The Cool Foods Campaign educates the public about how food choices can affect global warming and empowers them with the resources to reduce this impact. Join our “Cool Foods” Campaign and help take a bite out of global warming by changing the way you eat.”

It’s not just meat that contributes to climate change and global warming – everything from the pesticides and the fuel-hungry equipment that giant industrial farms use to the 1,500 miles the average piece of produce travels to your plate – has a negative effect on the climate. And that’s why it is so important to eat healthy, as it’s not only good just for you but for the planet as well. The Cool Foods Campaign wants you to ask yourself 5 simple questions the next time you go grocery shopping:

(1) Is this food organic?
(2) Is this product made from an animal?
(3) Has this food been processed?
(4) How far did this food travel to reach my plate?
(5) Is this food excessively packaged?

While I definitely do my best to always buy organic, unprocessed foods, it’s not always as easy to know where something came from. That’s why I recommend you shop at a Farmer’s Market as often as you can, so you know where your fruit and vegetables (and sometimes even meat and dairy products) are coming from. While there are no Farmer’s Markets where I live now until Spring, in places like Los Angeles there are many of them every weekend throughout the year. So there really isn’t a reason for those of you living in warmer climates to skip out on the markets! The campaign also has some cool tools for you to use at home or in your school, such as the Cool Food Pledge to change the way you grow and eat food.

What we eat, how we eat it, and where our food comes from all very important parts of the environmental movement, and each of them plays a part in contributing to climate change. The key is to do as best as you can to eat right for both you and the planet, and the more people who do it, the better off we all will be!

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  1. I wish there was an easier way of knowing the ‘total’ impact that any item we buy has on the environment. It is hard to fully quantify the costs – but thanks for bringing this up.

    I too like the farmer’s market – and an added benefit is if you can get local honey it can naturally build up your tolerance to local allergies. Just don’t take too much at once or you will be hurting! (learned from personal experience).

    Any suggestions, other than giving up meat, on finding local meat sources?

  2. If global warming continues a lot of changes will happen to the earth. There are already some changes happening because of global warming. It’s too late to try and completely stop global warming.

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