Corporate Paper Waste: Comcast Sent Me 7 Letters Saying The Same Thing – In One Day.


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Last week I received no fewer than 7 letters from Comcast, on the same day, informing me that I had changed the password on my voicemail and my account. 7 pieces of paper and 7 envelopes to tell me something that A. I already knew and B. they could have sent through the email account they had me set up. Why have me set up the email notifications if you are just going to send out all this paper to my house? It makes no sense. See for yourself the waste that is Comcast mail:

I hope this is not indicative of how the next 11 months of service with them is going to be! I signed up for email notices for a reason, guys – so I could prevent this kind of paper waste. Multiply this amount of paper times the millions of customers they have and you can see just how much they possibly waste each and every day. Now think about how many companies there are that probably do the same thing – this amounts to a ton of wasted resources, effort by the USPS, and an overabundance of paper to be recycled. There is no need for this, especially for notifications that could have been emailed.

I don’t know about you guys, but I do all my banking online. I don’t receive any physical mail (other than around tax time) from my bank, my credit cards, or any other financial institutions I use. I have gotten myself off every junk mail list I could find. I don’t take receipts for anything other than major purchases. I am pretty much paperless at home except for 3 magazines I get each month. It can be done, if you are striving to do the same. Most mail we get at our homes can be stopped and/or replaced by electronic versions. If you still receive a ton of paper mail, see if you can stop some of it.

However, in the case of Comcast, it looks like they have a long way to go to understand just how e-notifications are supposed to work. Let’s hope they can do better.

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  1. I try to reduce as much paper as I can but I’m pretty visual and its hard to be organized without certain items in print (though I did start using smart phones for a lot of functions.

    Seven letters is nuts!

  2. Comcast is also wasting your $. Who do you think pays for the $3.08 in postage. Not to mention the cost of the paper, envelopes, and salary of the person generating, stuffing and posting that mail. Crazy.. what a company will waste when it’s coming out of the customer’s pockets!

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