Could The Moon Become The Newest Solar Power Plant?

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Now THIS is an idea that even the most die-hard “Not In My Back Yard” anti-solar power person might be able to get behind! (Maybe.) The Japanese construction firm Shimizu wants to cover the moon’s equator with solar panels and then beam the electricity back to earth. The electricity would be created by the solar panels, turned into microwaves to be sent to earth, and then changed back into electricity here on our home planet. Called the Luna Ring, their proposal would provide 24/7 clean energy creation, bricks, glass fibers, and other structural materials needed for the project can be made with as many lunar resources as possible (thus making for less transportation of materials to the moon) and will be maintained by a team of robots operated via remote control from earth. The company says that the project could meet the entire world’s energy needs once it was up and running.

I wonder how shiny the moon would be at night – would it keep us up all night, as though the sun was now shining 24 hours a day?


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  1. I’ve always wondered what kind of efficiency can be achieved with beamed power transmission. Also, if it went off-target, you’d fry a whole lot of people. Hopefully we can prevent that.

  2. A little silly. Solar panels on the moon would be in complete darkness 50% of the time. Better to use geostationary satellites (daylight 99% of the time, closer to Earth, satellite can always beam at the same power station, etc).

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