Crowdfunding for the Amazon

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is asking that we use the power of the crowd to protect the planet by supporting meaningful projects on its new crowdfunding platform.

There are many projects featured on the campaign page, but one in particular caught my eye: The Amazon Factory. This crowdfunding campaign led by WWF-Colombia asks that we “invest in the world’s largest air, water, and life producer; the first and only factory that does not pollute and benefits everyone.”

With the goal of raising $40,000, the campaign seeks to build “infrastructure so that indigenous communities can operate small and sustainable industries. If local communities work on sustainable alternatives that are non-reliant on timber and forest products, they can secure their livelihoods and prevent deforestation.”

I don’t know about you, but $40,000 in exchange for a more sustainable Amazon rainforest seems like quite the bargain

Since 1994, WWF has worked in Colombia, where the organization aims to “harmonize ecosystems conservation actions with the needs of local communities and their future generations.” The team includes multi-disciplinary staff with areas of specialization spanning conservation, policy, and communication.

Learn more about the campaign and donate online.

Video about campaign:

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