DIY Tool Rack from Wood Pallets

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It’s time for another DIY project, and this time it is making a stand or rack for your small tools, crafting accessories, or any other random things you need to keep organized.

You could go to one of those container store places and pay between $50 and $500 for plastic bins, drawers, or clips, or you can make one of these like I did using just some pieces of free wood pallets, wood glue, and a drill. Simple.

Here’s what you need to get started:


See? Told you it was simple. You need one piece of 2×4 (the thicker part of wood pallets), one piece of the top board, and one scrap piece of wood. The 2×4 piece makes the bottom, the thinner pallet piece makes the top, and the scrap piece sits between the two. You can make these racks any length you want, but I made mine about 1 foot in length. I plan to make a few more, to run down the entire back of my workbench.

Once you have decided how long you want to make yours, cut the 2×4 and the thin piece to that length. Using the drill, drill holes in the thinner piece; this is where your tools will slide through. So make sure you pick a size that works for whatever you will be storing in it. Then, cut a few pieces of the scrap wood to put between the two boards, and make sure they are the right for your needs. (I measured the shortest tool I wanted to store and made them work for that size.) Once you have drilled the holes, all you have to do is glue the pieces together like this:

2014-02-25 12.20.06

Although good wood glue does a fine job of holding these pieces together, if you are concerned about it coming apart you could always put screws between all the pieces. But the glue works great for my project.

I am a big fan of using wood pallets to make all sorts of stuff. They are free, easy to find, and simple to work with. Why pay $50 for something that looks like this…

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