DMT – The Spirit Molecule. Why It Is Illegal and What We Could Learn From It


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You have likely heard of DMT – the so called spirit molecule. It is an illusive, highly illegal chemical – the components of which naturally occur in our bodies. It is a fascinating area to research, although digging into this subject brings up more questions than answers! I wanted to share some of the information with you here, and invite your own thoughts on the topic.

Before we get started, there is a popular documentary that you can watch below, which gives an insight based on the research by Dr Rick Strassman (which will be discussed below). The documentary is useful as it provides the insights of a various experts from scientific and spiritual fields. Strassman describes DMT as “the simplest psychedelic” which “exists in all of our bodies and occurs throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. It is a part of the normal makeup of humans and other mammals; marine animals; grasses and peas; toads and frogs; mushrooms and molds; and barks, flowers, and roots.

What is DMT?

DMT, scientifically known as N,N-dimethyltryptamine is a kind of tryptamine – which means it is an amino acid based neurotransmitting, naturally occurring chemical compound. That is a bit of a mouthful! It is very similar in structure to seratonin, and actually increases the levels of seratonin in our brain. It is a pschyedelic compound and has been used as an Entheogen for centuries. Put in simpler terms, this means that DMT is found in nature, and has been used for generations as a psychoactive substance for shamanic and religious rituals.

I would like to eloborate on the fact that DMT is naturally occurring. It is found in many species of plants, some animals and even the human brain. We do not know why it is there. In the past it has been written off as useless ‘noise’ in our genetic makeup – but that is far too naive an assumption to make.

Strassman had the following to say in response to the suggestion that DMT is nothing more than a by-product. “Twenty-five years ago, Japanese scientists discovered that the brain actively transports DMT across the blood-brain barrier into its tissues. I know of no other psychedelic drug that the brain treats with such eagerness. This is a startling fact that we should keep in mind when we recall how readily biological psychiatrists dismissed a vital role for DMT in our lives. If DMT were only an insignificant, irrelevant by-product of our metabolism, why does the brain go out of its way to draw it into its confines?”

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  1. Well then I guess we are ALL carrying an illegal substance in our brains. lols! the control system is laughable if not down right pathetic in their attempts to keep us locked in. It ain’t working though.

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