Do One Thing: Buy A Recycled Plastic Toothbrush.


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I often get emails from readers asking for my advice on choosing one single thing to do to make their lives more “green” – and they often get an email back outlining several different things they could do instead! So in an effort to be more pinpointed about my responses and to keep it simple, I am going to start a (hopefully) weekly series on “doing one thing” to slowly build yourself up to living a more sustainable and green life. This week is a very easy one – when buying your next toothbrush (something you should be doing every couple of months or when you get sick), make it one made from plastic recycled from yogurt cups – and help reduce the amount of virgin plastic used for the millions and millions of toothbrushes our society needs!

If everyone in America uses a toothbrush and buys a new one every three months, I am betting that somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 million toothbrushes get purchased every day. What a difference we could make if they were all made out of recycled plastic and then recycled yet again at the end of their life into playground equipment! We buy these toothbrushes from Recycline called Preserve, and find them to be just as good as “regular” toothbrushes while costing the same amount. And when we are done with them, we print out a mailing label from the company and send them back to them postage-paid – it’s a win-win for both the consumer and the company. They are available almost everywhere, so there really isn’t any excuse to buy anything else!

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  1. This is where I am at a crossroads with my frugal and eco -ness. I get a free toothbrush from my dentist each time I go in, free is good on a budget. But I don’t want to toss the old one away so I save it for while longer to clean the bathroom.
    I don’t like tossing them away so I do like the appeal of a recycled toothbrush. However, I don’t have the money all the time and coupons are hard to come buy (plus s/h on top of that).

    I would rather recycle or use the existing ones that are out there until the recycle become more available.

  2. I agree with you on the frugalness, but most people only go to the dentist every six months – and we really should be replacing our toothbrushes more often than that. I have seen the Recycline ones in every store here in my dinky little town, so they are probably available in more places than you think. You could always ask your store to start carrying them!

  3. I’m totally addicted to my Sonicare brush, and I just can’t give it up, but while traveling, I used a Recycline brush and it wasn’t pretty darn impressive for a human powered brush.

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