Do One Thing: Buy It In Glass Instead.


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This week’s Do One Thing is about glass versus plastic, and is inspired by something my friend Beth at Fake Plastic Fish wrote about a while back on her site. As some of you may know, Beth’s site is about reducing our use of plastic, and she does an amazing job of detailing what plastic comes into her house and the different ways she has avoided it altogether. Well, one of her posts talked about the vitamins she started buying because they come in glass bottles instead of plastic, and a giant “Ah-Ha!” went off in my head. I could do that! The vitamins she buys are from New Chapter Organics, and not only are they in glass bottles but they are organic and plant-based as well. It’s a win-win! So when I finally needed new vitamins, I bought the Men’s product from them and have been very happy about both the ingredients and the fact that it’s not a plastic bottle. Thanks to Beth for the inspiration, and remember – if you can, buy the glass version of any product. Glass is more likely to be recycled, is stronger than plastic, and doesn’t have the ability to leech into our food and water!

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  1. I too have become even more inspired by Beth, especially after her incredibly moving plea to Oprah. Thanks for the reminder about the vitamins. I just found out they carry them at my local store, which I can walk to, so double bonus!

  2. And my community doesnt recycle plastic at all, so I agree. However, glass is stronger and immenently more recyclable usually, so that does depend… Thanks!

  3. Glass can be less recyclable than plastic in some places. Where I live, you can only recycle clear glass, not the brown that vitamins typically come in. However, I do recycle the #2 plastic bottles my vitamins come in (unless they become bath toys!). So, the glass/plastic issue should be a local decision too, I think. Also, because my vitamins are a powder that you mix with water they don’t contain any binders like some chewables or water like capsuls can, so I get more vitamin for the size of the bottle.

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