Do One Thing: Buy Organic, Fair-Trade Coffee.


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This week’s Do One Thing is to ask you to buy organic, free-trade coffee instead of the normal sludge you might be buying now. Organic coffee beans are grown with no toxic pesticides or fertilizers, and by buying Fair Trade, your money goes to pay a fair wage to small farmers and supports a better life for families in the developing world through community development and environmental stewardship. Organic, Free-Trade coffee is better for you, better for the farmers, and better for the environment. We buy it from our local grocery store, and it only costs a little more than the coffee in the plastic tubs – and it tastes way better. Give it a try and I bet you will agree!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I started doing this several months ago and won’t go back. I really like Green Mountain’s coffee for Newman’s Own. It’s readily available in my local grocery stores and in Target for less money. I’m also a fan of Equal Exchange. I did a fundraiser with their stuff (I got the idea from an ad that used to run on this site), and it was great. It felt much better to peddle a responsible, consumable product, rather than wrapping paper and the usual fundraiser fare.

  2. I have been getting “San Francisco Bay”, from Costco. Organic, Shade Grown, Fair Trade coffee. It tastes great. I love coffee. I quit smoking, drinking and eating a lot of bull crap. I will never give up my coffee as long as I can get like this.
    Their web site:

    Better Panic

  3. There’s plenty of debate on both topics – the health benefits (or lack of) of organic products, and the true economic benefits of the fair trade movement. Hard to imagine arguing that organic farming isn’t at least better for the environment though, and if you think it tastes, better, that’s a win-win. If you don’t have a good selection locally you can certainly find it on the web, and consolidate your shipments to keep the impact down.

    1. I am curious where the debate is that organic food is not better for you than food sprayed with chemicals. Could you point that out?

  4. I just want to point out that folks should purchase FAIR trade not free trade. I think there were a couple of typos. If possible folks should look for organic, fair trade SHADE grown coffee. The shade trees filter carbon dioxide which causes global warming, and aid in soil moisture retention which minimizes erosion. It sustains rainforest habitat for birds and promotes greater biodiversity. Trader Joes sells “triple certified” coffee. If you don’t see it at your favorite place to shop, ASK for it. If enough of us do, the stores will start stocking it.

  5. Our church has fair trade coffee and I love it. The coffee is grown by independent farmers instead of large multi-national conglomerates. The cost is only a little higher than what I normally buy, so it’s not too big a deal. I would rather support the little farmer instead of shareholders of large corporations.

    Oh, and it tastes great and still gives me my caffeine fix. 😉

  6. You can find it almost anywhere, but try Trader Joe’s, Wild Oats, Whole Foods, and any natural grocer. If you cannot find it there, try looking online.

  7. i am happy to see people on board for organic and fair-trade shade grown coffee, i’m concerned with the containers that they are sold in. i want to buy coffee in a container i can recycle. don’t know where or who that is. any ideas?

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