Do One Thing: Donate, Don’t Trash, Your Unwanted Stuff.


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Did you know that Goodwill will even take clothes with stains and rips? I didn’t, at least until I went looking for a local Goodwill here. Any clothes they can’t sell get sent to a facility that recycles fabrics and resells them, meaning it’s a win for you, them, and the environment! And when you donate all the stuff you no longer have a use for, someone else gets to buy an item used – saving them some money and stopping a “new” product from being made from raw materials. Buying used clothing and goods is a great way to help the environment, and by you donating the stuff you don’t want you are helping to keep that cycle going. So even if you think what are looking to get rid of has no value, think again – it may to someone else. This week alone I have donated 67 books, 5 bags of clothes, assorted electronics, and some random household stuff. I am sure that a soon-to-be shopper at Goodwill will find some use for my unwanted items. So just Do One Thing – Donate, Don’t Trash. Even the broken things can sometimes find a new home!

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  1. I recently moved and had a sofa that I didn’t have room for anymore. It was a good quality but the seat cover had a few small tears in it from my dogs. I took it to goodwill thinking someone handy could make a new cover for the seat and they would not take it! They said they could not take ripped or stained furniture. Since I was leaving town right then I had to take it to the dump. Similar thing happened a few months ago. I tried to donate an end table that just needed a coat of paint and they would not take it. I was very disappointed in goodwill.

    1. Well, they dont take broken furniture, and I dont blame them. They dont have the money or manpower to fix it. You should have just freecycled them.

  2. The furniture I was trying to doante was not broken nor would I ever try to donate anything broken. They both had minor cosmetic flaws. The table did get freecycled but, as I said, I was literally leaving town and could not take the couch so freecycle was not an option. My point was that I was surprised they turned away these items that still had a lot of life in them.

  3. I heard from some people that Goodwill didn’t take stained clothing anymore, but maybe I was misinformed. Do you think it varies from area to area? I’ll look into them again because it is a lot easier than finding other homes for non-sellable used stuff.

  4. Goodwill Easterseals of Minnesota does not accept stained or torn clothing or furniture. Fortunately, in Saint Paul we have a curbside recycling service that does recycle clothing and shoes.

  5. Here, Volunteers of America will actually come pick up stuff you want to donate, if you have enough boxes, or some larger items. It’s awesome.

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