Do One Thing: Don’t Limit Reusable Bags To Just The Grocery Store.

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I talk a lot on this site about the importance of using reusable bags when shopping at the grocery store, but I wanted to let you in on a little secret – you can use them everywhere! By keeping several bags in our car and maybe a small one rolled up in a purse like my wife does, we are usually able to bring our bags in every store we go into. Sure, the people at Target or at the local hardware store might look at you a little funny at first, but at least you can leave the plastic bags in the store!

Since plastic bags have left their polluting mark on the world and have even gone and created their own plastic floating island in the South Pacific, isn’t stopping a few bags from entering this waste stream worth a funny look from the clerk?

So don’t forget – remember to bring those bags with you everywhere!

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  1. I try to do all of my grocery shopping in large batches, but on occasion if I need to run in for just one or two items, I’ll tell the bagger that I don’t need a bag at all. I’ve gotten some strange looks, but there’s really no reason to waste a plastic bag if I can easily carry a couple of items to my car in my hands.

  2. I completely agree. I take my reusable bags everywhere including Target, pet stores, the vet, the drugstore, etc. I haven’t accepted a paper or plastic bag from a store in two years. If I forget my bags, I force myself to carry everything or stuff it in my purse! People seem quite open to this. I always tell checkers that I don’t use plastic/paper bags and they say nice things.

  3. An added incentive to remember to take a reusable shopping bags into a non grocery store (other than the environmental reasons of course) is that it’s easier to sneak holiday shopping back into the house in a reusable shopping bag than a branded disposable bag.

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