Do One Thing: Drink More Tap Water.


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Contrary to public opinion, your tap water is probably perfectly safe to drink. Studies have shown that many bottled water brands actually have more contaminants than municipal tap water has! We have used a PUR filter on our faucet for years, and have never gotten into the cycle of buying bottled water week after week. We just fill up our Sigg or Klean Kanteen bottles (we have several of them in different sizes) and head out on our hiking trips or to wherever – we don’t stop and buy plastic bottles full of possibly contaminated water. So if you can remember, pick up some kind of reusable bottle and stop buying the bottled stuff – your tap water is perfectly fine to drink!

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  1. Actually, most typical bottled water are poor quality, but look for water that has been treated by reverse osmosis… FAR BETTER (cleaner and with no contaminants) vs. tap water.

    Just be aware that most RO water lack minerals as they have been removed by the filtration process, so either get a brand that adds minerals back, or make sure your getting those minerals from somewhere else!

    My tap water WITHOUT a Brita filter smells like a public swimming pool and there is nobody on the planet that can convince me that it’s safe to drink in the long run.

  2. @ Lorraine, if you must stay with tap water, just make sure it’s filtered (brita, etc.) If you can afford a reverse osmosis system, go for it.

  3. I tried the bottled route but couldn’t deal with the plastic. Luckily my tap water doesn’t smell like a toddlers swimming pool and tastes OK so I’m sticking with that for now.
    Is there anything we can do that won’t kill us all eventually?!

  4. Whilst being a consumer of both tap and bottled water, I happen to run an organisation which produces a bottled water brand, called One, it’s a purified water product made in many locations around the USA. We donate 100% of the profits we make to fund clean water projects in Africa, called PlayPumps. Over the last year or so, we donated $2.6m just from sales in the UK (and you know what a tiny island we are here) – so imagine what could be achieved in the USA. For me, what you choose to drink or buy, is about choice, when you can’t access a tap and need to buy a bottle of water – buy One that will change someone’s life by giving them a free, sustainable water supply for life. Cheers!

  5. I don’t know if someone’s already mentioned this, but the only thing that bothers me about tap water is if it’s chlorinated. The chlorine in it may not only be carcinogenic, but will kill off your intestinal flora. I can go on forever about the benefits of probiotics, but one of them is that they neutralize carcinogens. So we want to do our best to keep them thriving!

  6. That certainly may be true for some municipalities. My well water is not, for instance. However, you can add/replace probiotics to your system if you are missing them. 🙂

  7. You can buy good cheap filters to remove chlorine, but it’s the Flouride that worries me with tap water, anyone else concerned about that?

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