Do One Thing: Eat At Local Restaurants.


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You KNOW the food tastes better than at those generic chains! While eating local has become a mantra of sorts for the eco-friendly, that normally pertains to buying your take home food from Farmers Markets and the like. But when you eat out, you can also make a difference by eating at local, family-owned restaurants instead of the big chain places. Most smaller restaurants source their food locally and use fresher ingredients, so you are not only helping your community but also getting a healthier meal. So the next time you head out for that special dinner, try a local restaurant – your stomach (and maybe even your wallet) will thank you!

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  1. My husband and I used to eat out A LOT, but mostly chain places. We thought it was great, but it was mostly just expensive. Now we eat out less often, but try to eat at locally owned places. It is sooooo much more fun! We’re not just on a first name basis with some owners — we’re on hugging terms! And it’s great to get the scoop on the best items from owners and even get to try things for free 😀

  2. Many cities have organizations that highlight their locally owned restaurants and other businesses. One of our local chapters offers a coupon book filled with great deals from local restaurants. Honestly, you couldn’t talk me into going back to Applebees or Fridays.

  3. One of the other problems with chain restaurants (besides crappy food) is that a lot of what they prepare contains MSG and other additives and preservatives. These things are added to the foods before it even arrives at the restaurants.

  4. I like that you mention local restaurant food tastes better than chain restaurants. My family and I can’t decide on eating in a fancy or local restaurant. Thank you for the information. I’ll gather my family so we can decide which local restaurant we want to dine in.

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