Do One Thing…Every Week in 2015!

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Many people decide to make a list of New Year’s Resolutions at this time of year, in desperation to achieve some of the goals that they have been keeping on the back burners for months. These often involve the usual….don’t drink so much alcohol, lose weight, finish writing that book. Here at The Good Human we want to suggest that you try a different approach, in keeping with our philosophy to ‘Do One Thing’.

Here are 52 great suggestions to make your 2015 a year that you touch lives, feel alive and make a difference. Do just one thing a week and you will feel great all year round!

  1. Make that call that you have been meaning to! Have your diary ready and make a concrete plan to catch up for coffee and a face to face chat.

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  2. Get the neighbours together and tackle the local eyesore together. Whether it is litter picking, hard core gardening or cleaning the lagoon, it will come together quickly with many hands and will bond the community more than you can imagine.
  3. Find a mountain, dig out your walking boots and go for a nice long hike!
  4. Pay a genuine compliment a stranger and make their day.
  5. Bake a tray of cookies and share them at work or with a neighbour that you think may appreciate the gesture.
  6. Embrace your own company and visit a museum, restaurant or cinema alone.
  7. Have a restyle! Try a fresh haircut or wear some colourful clothes.
  8. Write a personal handwritten note and post it to someone special.

    Courtesy of Library for Sales
    Courtesy of Library for Sales

  9. Decide to forgive somebody that hurt you in the past. Even making the gesture alone will release some resentment that you may have been harbouring.
  10. Eat an al fresco lunch! Pack a picnic and find a pretty local spot to enjoy.
  11. Make your own soup this week. Pick your favourite flavours and enjoy.
  12. Learn to be mindful through meditation, yoga or other practice that you have not got around to trying.
  13. De-clutter your home hotspots! Clear the shelves and corners to allow your energy to flow freely.
  14. Organise your precious keepsakes into a pretty box or scrapbook.
  15. Enjoy an outdoor camping music festival.
  16. Dedicate an entire day to watching movies, reading books and snuggling.
  17. Learn about your ancestors and recognise how they have contributed to where you are now.
  18. Sign up for a local dance or craft class, learn something new and meet some likeminded people.
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