Do One Thing: Fix It, Don’t Toss It.


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While seemingly obvious to many people, the idea of spending a few bucks to fix something rather than tossing it in the landfill is losing some appeal in the new era of living throwaway lives. Sometimes I feel as though we are being programmed to think that everything we buy is “single-use” only! That’s why it is vitally important for you, the concerned, to make sure you tell your friends and family to “fix it, don’t toss it” if you see them about to dispose of something that can be fixed! Just this past week I paid a whopping total of $16 to have a messenger bag repaired and a new zipper put on my favorite pair of jeans – way cheaper than a new $25 bag or a $50 pair of jeans. Plus, it keeps them out of the landfill or recycling bin, giving them a new life here at my house for the foreseen future.

And no, I can’t sew – and thus the $16 expense.


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  1. So true! I get my shoes fixed all the time, like after the winter months when the heels of my nice work shoes and boots are destroyed, for a few bucks they can fix the heels, no problem! And if you’re like me and spend 150 bucks on a pair of jeans a new zipper for like $10 is a great investment!! Spread the word!

  2. I completely agree with this post. I recently paid $35 to get a new battery for my 4-year old ipod which I found expensive but much less expensive than buying a new ipod

    I also just came to terms with the fact that I can still use my microwave even though the light has burned out and is nearly impossible to access to replace. It’s not just our throw-away society that is the problem but it is the manufacturers who are making products that are difficult to fix, hence forcing people to buy new.

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