Do One Thing: Get A Drying Rack.


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Want to see where I dry most of my clothes? Well, here you go:

Yes, I have a dryer, and yes, I use it on occasion. But most of my clothing, towels, and cleaning rags go on this rack or on hangers to dry. We aren’t allowed to put anything on our porches to dry anymore, so I have to put everything in my bathroom instead. This rack cost me about $10, and not only does it save me money on my electric bill and reduce my carbon footprint, but it also reduces the wear and tear on my clothes… and in turn, they last longer. So Do One Thing and either pick up an inexpensive drying rack or hang a clothesline in your bathroom for drying your clothes free of charge!

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  1. I’ve got two of these. When it rains (not often), I use them instead of my clothesline. People are shocked when they come into my house and see no dryer. I hope I have enlightened a few potential buyers that have been tramping through my house lately. lol

  2. Even though I grew up using a clothes line indoors & out [2 story house], now that I’ve been doing my own laundry for about 5 years [1-2 bdrm apt] I’ve found about 1/2 my load[s] can be put in the dryer. The other 1/2 [usually] takes up 3-4 drying [some items need to be dried flat] racks set up in the living room, plus a clothing rod in the shower. Who ever made up the stupid law prohibiting drying clothes [while on one’s own property] outside [regardless on a porch/balcony or lawn] is incredibly close minded & ignorant!!!

  3. I need to find a cheap drying rack for my towels and heavier jeans. Right now I dry them mostly in the dryer, but everything else is hung on hangers on a line I stretched from one side of my laundry room to the other. I can hang up about 2 super sized loads of laundry there and they will be dry by the next day. I do a load or 2 (5 of us) every day when I first get home from work. When I get home the next day the clothes are dry and ready to hang in closets as they are already on hangers! I love doing laundry like this. I have a almost brand new dryer but I try to use it the very least I can get by with.

    I could hang my clothes outside but it would require me hauling the clothes out and around & down to the back yard and it would just never get done 🙂 That $8 4 line clothes line that I picked up at Lowes? or HD? has not only saved electricity & money, but has made doing laundry so much more enjoyable!

    Now I am determined to get a rack to hang the heavy stuff on too.

    (Its a lot cooler in the summer time too, when you don’t heat up the house by running the dryer!)

  4. I think it’s absolutely stupid that laws exist that don’t allow people to hang clothes outside (porch or similar). These need to be changed.

  5. Drying clothes like this is a great & simple way to save money on electricity bills. In our family, we just hang the dry clothes on the frames of our doors. We used to hang them outside on clotheslines, and the smell of sunshine on dry clothes is pretty nice. 🙂 I would like others to consider this option instead of using the dryer.

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