Do One Thing: Get Yourself A Broom.

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This week’s Do One Thing is about something I have carried with me since I first moved to California – the use of water to clean off driveways and sidewalks. Could anything be more asinine than to use fresh water instead of a broom to remove debris? I often witnessed shopowners spraying clean, fresh water to remove leaves and twigs from the sidewalk in front of their store, and watched in amazement as homeowners went from watering their flowers to watering their concrete driveways. To be honest, I don’t know which is worse and more annoying – using water like this or leaf blowers. But either way, why doesn’t everyone just use a broom and save us all from noise pollution or wasted water? So please, Do One Thing – get yourself a broom!

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  1. oh man, i get so aggravated when i see people do this – both the leaf blowers & the water, but the water more so.

  2. THANK YOU! Lordy I hate those freaking leaf blowers with the noise and the fumes and the dust and the leaves. Leaves are valuable compost and ground cover. Why blow them on to ASPHALT in the road? Why BLOW them? Why use fossil fuels or electricity?
    Yes, get a freaking BROOM.

    And while you’re at it…you can probably get by with a non-powered lawn mower. I do.

  3. I live in a nice suburban neighborhood, and moved here from a rural area to be closer to family and better schools. My biggest pet peeve of the area is that I can’t sit on my swing in the backyard and enjoy the peace and quiet without one of my neighbors mowing their lawn, using a chainsaw, or using a leaf blower. We don’t mow our lawn often, (town ordinances do not allow for front lawns to be left long without consequence of being fined) but some of our neighbors mow more than once a week, a habit which I can only relate to OCD. We are certainly not perfect, but we do what we can. This year is the second year in our new place and we finally have our homemade compost bins set up behind our new vege gardens. Most of our yard scraps goes right back into our yard. As far as using water to clean the concrete driveway, we haven’t done that one yet. We sweep, when we get around to that. We have so many oak trees that we live with the fact that there will always be leaves and sticks in our yard. We do, about once a year, pull out the pressure washer for our brickwork near the house to keep our bricks from being deteriorated by moss. The plus from that, is that we only use water, no chemicals, on a very small area, and all of the water goes into our gardens or lawn being saved from runnoff.

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