Do One Thing: Give Up The Dryer Sheets.


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This weeks Do One Thing is very easy – give up the dryer sheets! I have not used dryer sheets since, well, never, and I have not missed them at all. Whether I line dry my clothes or put them in the dryer, either way they are perfectly comfortable without using dryer sheets. And did you know that most of these sheets are made with animal tallow? Yum! So Do One Thing this week, and give up the dryer sheets. Your clothes will be none the wiser!

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  1. Carrie – I never have static electricity, really. Maybe occasionally I see a little, but it’s nothing major.

    To me, dryer sheets just waste money, waste materials, and add to the waste stream we all feed into…for very little, if any, gain. 🙂

  2. how do you deal with static electricity without dryer sheets? i’ve tried using the dryer without them and even air drying but even if i air dry my sweaters they still shock me.

  3. I hear you can use vinegar as a fabric softener, though I don’t know if it affects static or not.

    I don’t use any fabric softener and I don’t have any problems. I hang-dry clothes indoors, but my husband uses a dryer and he doesn’t have problems, either. Of course, we’re in Florida and even the indoor humidity stays pretty high which helps.

    I found some more tips here:

  4. Argh! I’ve been trying to get my roommates to stop using these for about two years but old habits are so hard to break. I’ll keep plugging away though.

  5. I’ve never liked dryer sheets either. The scents are too strong for me. My clothes just need to smell clean, not “spring fresh” or whatever.

    Yes I do sometimes have static cling but I just deal with it. It doesn’t stick around forever.

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