Do One Thing: Give Your Body A Break.


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This week’s Do One Thing is actually about doing nothing at all. Day in and day out, some of us apply potentially unsafe cleaners, makeup, and makeup removers to our bodies, rarely giving our skin (or insides) a break from this toxic soup. So if you aren’t fully switched over to safer products yet, I highly recommend you give your body a break at least once a week to let it breathe naturally and have a day off. Let your natural oils have a chance to do their job!

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  1. Yes! Great post.

    One of the side affects of living in a place where we are obsessed with this antibacterial nonsense. So many studies show that a little bit of exposure to the normal germs in life actually make one more resistant, and that regular soap does just as good a job as the antibacterial crap with alcohol in it that often comes in tiny little bottles that get thrown away.

  2. Yay to the best green tip I’ve ever read today 🙂
    Thanks for reminding us how important is to take a break from all the usual toxic stuff we’re using every day.

    [reading “this week”™s Do One Thing is actually about doing nothing at all” reminded me that a little bit of time in the sunshine helps as well, soothing both body and soul.]


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