Do One Thing: Keep Scraps In The Freezer Until They Hit The Composting Pile.


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This week’s Do One Thing is about both recycling and composting. Almost every site that sells items dedicated to helping you “go green” has them for sale – those $50+ composting pails that sit on your kitchen counter. These are designed to hold your scraps until you get a chance to bring them outside to the compost bin, and they are either metal or ceramic and have charcoal filters on top to keep the smells down. Well, what if I told you that you don’t need to waste your money on these things and instead can use something that most of us have gotten for free many times over? We have been using several plastic yogurt tubs for our table scraps, which are stored in the freezer until full and then taken outside. I dump the frozen scraps into the composting bin and then put the empty container back in the freezer to be filled again.

By recycling the plastic containers and not buying a new pail dedicated to holding food scraps, we have reduced our need for yet another product to take up space in the house and reused some plastic that otherwise would have gone to the recycling bin. So before you pick one up for your table scraps, see if you have some plastic tubs you can store in the freezer instead – they are free and there is no smell at all!

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  1. Freezing compost scraps is definitely the way to go. It really cuts down on bad kitchen odors because a)there are fewer food scraps in the garbage can, since you’re composting and b)your compost scraps are frozen, which prevents them from releasing any unfortunate odors.

  2. my favorite composting container – a big folger’s coffee plastic jug. it sits on the counter next to my coffeepot, so no one’s the wiser!


    I freeze scraps also. I used to use recycled plastic bags. My friend thought it was a ridiculous idea and told me to throw it out because it was garbage. It doesn’t become garbage until it starts to stink. She doesn’t know that my Super Size yogurt container is the new receptacle!!!!! Hahahahaha.

    When it is full, I put it an plastic bag and then the trash!

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