Do One Thing: Let Your Grass Grow.


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I know, it seems counter-intuitive to our desire to have lawns that look like golf courses, but letting your grass grow a little is good for the earth. Longer grass absorbs more sunlight and grows tougher and thicker grass, which in turn grows longer roots, which means less surface watering is needed to keep it green. It’s a win-win for the grass and a win for your water bill. Better yet, let your lawn turn into an edible garden (that’s what I would do if I had a lawn now) Plus, you can spend less time with the lawn mower – and who doesn’t want that? So this summer, Do One Thing and let your grass grow a little bit longer than usual!

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  1. We’ve been doing this for years… so much so that our neighbors complain about the “foreclosed look” to our house. I’m slowly cutting back the lawn and planting edible food when the budget allows for it.

  2. When I mow, I always keep my mower’s blade setting on the highest setting, so it only cuts about a 1/4 of the blade. It’s really true. If you stick to this logic, your grass will grow thicker and stronger, and it won’t burn up in the hot sun as quickly as short grass.

  3. I do have the same problem as Tara. I use a pushmower at the highest setting, and a push edger. These do not create the clean clipped look of the neighbors, which is not always liked. One the other hand, with water prices going up, they may like my method soon 😉

  4. Unfortunately, replacing lawns with edible gardens is ILLEGAL in many communities. I don’t use a power mower, BTW, and I have as little grass as possible (but I encourage dandelions) and stick edible things in all over.

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