Do One Thing: Pick Up After Your Pets.

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This week’s Do One Thing is inspired by two of my neighbors, who let their dogs out on the grass to poop – and then they leave it there. I took it upon myself to make signs and put them on the lawn, but with people this careless, I doubt it will make a difference. Dog feces that isn’t picked up can be a health hazard, never mind just a simple annoyance on the bottom of your shoe. Feces contains high levels of bacteria, which percolate down into underground aquifers and also get washed down storm drains, both of which can eventually contaminate our drinking water and/or rivers. There’s a good reason we have sewers and septic tanks to contain our waste. So please – pick up after Fido when he does his business outside!

(Your neighbors will appreciate it, trust me…)

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  1. Once our pet waste is picked up, what then? I know some people throw it in the trash. There is a DIY septic tank for you dog waste, but what’s the best option?

  2. Jenion raises a question I’ve been researching for weeks. I currently throw my dogs feces into my weekly trash. My research has come up with the doggie septic tanks, but I have a Great Dane. The systems available for purchase would be a bit of a joke.

    That being said, I absolutely do not leave my dog’s business on anyone’s lawn – including my own. I am the person carrying the bag of business on the entirety of my 5+ mile walks, unless I happen to come upon a public trash can (NOT those of businesses.) If I can carry my Great Dane’s business around with me and pick it up out of my lawn immediately, those individuals with smaller dogs can carry theirs too.

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