Do One Thing: Recycle For Others Who Don’t Have Recycling Options.


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This week’s Do One Thing is about recycling and it hits close to home for us. See, our town does not recycle plastic – at all. Not even a little tiny amount. Most people here throw any and all plastic in with their regular trash, which then heads out to the landfill to hang around for 500 years. So while we are doing everything we can to reduce our consumption of plastic, it’s not completely 100% avoidable. Because we want to recycle our plastic, we had to find a way to do it until our town gets their act together. Enter our friends that live about 60 miles away…

While the town they live in probably would not like to know this is happening, I do know that we are not alone in doing this as there are a lot of environmentally responsible folks here that want to do the right thing. Whenever we know we are going to see them, we take our small bag of plastic recyclables along for the ride and hand them over. It’s a win for both us and for the environment while our town works on their own recycling plan, which supposedly is in the works for 2009 sometime. Only time will tell, but for now at least our plastic goes to the right place. So if you have friends that need a little recycling help, offer to help them out – it’s no burden for you and can only improve the state of our planet!

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  1. Some towns/organizations have a problem with this, and others decidedly do not. Because recycling pickup was completely free for my college, they actively encouraged off-campus students and others to bring in their recycling and drop it in the big recycling dumpsters. I don’t think any town would have much of a problem with one small bag once in a while.

    What we really need to do (and this isn’t directed at you David, because I think you’re already doing this) is drum up the demand for recycled goods. I hear that a lot of recycling plants are having a hard time finding buyers for recycled paper and plastic right now, because of the economy. We need to create consumer “pull” for these products as much as we can right now.

  2. A bit cumbersome, but I think it’s very cool that you’re doing this. Hopefully, your town will put together some sort of recycling program.

  3. I think that is great that they are willing to do that and that you take the time to do it. We have recycling here in our city, you just have to take it yourself to the drop off and many of my neighbors just don’t bother.

    I often wonder if I could take if for them but it would be an awful lot of recycling.

  4. Stephanie, indeed most probably would. But it’s not going to stop me until my town starts doing it 🙂 And yes, more recycled goods would be great, which is one reason I buy a lot of clothes from Patagonia, who uses a ton of recycled stuff in their products.

    I hope so too Pinyo!

    SuburbanDollar – maybe you could take it even just for one person?

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