Do One Thing: Reuse Paperbags As Shipping Envelopes.


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You know that sometimes, no matter how hard you try to remember them, you forget your bags when you head to the grocery store. We all do it, so don’t feel bad! I have always asked for paper bags when do forget so I can use them at home to hold our paper recycling, but now I have started using them for another purpose – shipping unbreakables through the USPS. Normally, everyone goes out to their favorite store and buys envelopes for $2-$4 each, but why bother if you are just shipping a book or something like that? I just wrap the book up in the paper, put some tape on it, write the addresses on the “front” and take it to the post office. Voila, free shipping supplies!

While I do not advocate replacing your reusable bags with paper bags on each grocery trip, if you do ship a lot of unbreakables through the mail keep this in mind next time you go to buy a padded envelope. You might already have something you can use right at home!

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  1. Great idea!

    I use them as gift bags too. They look great with a bit of raffia or reused ribbon tied around the top, or last year, I stamped snowflakes on them with white paint for holiday gifts.

  2. You can also use them to wrap small gifts. Just open along the seams and lay flat.
    Fun to let kids decorate with markers or stamps or use super cool wired ribbons.

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