Do One Thing: Save Ink & Reduce Waste By Making Small Adjustments To Your Printing.


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This week’s Do One Thing tip is actually a compilation of small things you can do at home or work to save ink and reduce waste in your printing. Without sacrificing print quality, there are a few little changes that go a long way towards this goal!

1. Reduce your margins. Smaller margins = less paper being used. Even reducing them by a tiny amount goes a long way on a huge document.

2. Print on the draft setting. For things you need to print for yourself, change the setting on the printer before you print to “draft” which prints quicker and with less ink. And yes, you can read it just fine, I do it often for records I need to print out.

3. Check out Ecofont. This new font saves ink by omitting some tiny spaces in the letters as it prints. Kind of like swiss cheese, but nowhere near as tasty.

4. Print on both sides of the paper. In case you haven’t noticed, each piece of paper has a back. 🙂

5. Don’t print in the first place. Instead of printing, can you just save the document on the computer or email it as a PDF? If so, when you go to print, just select “Save As A PDF” and save it to your desktop.

So what else can you do to save ink and reduce waste? If you have any tips, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Great article! I do a lot of these things in my office.

    Another couple of great little tips:

    Unplug your printer when you’re not using it. Like many modern appliances, it’s still sucking power while it’s turned off, even to light up that little bulb that tells you it’s off.

    Also, we all make mistakes and print something out that we don’t need. Don’t throw it out, use it for scrap paper!

    You can also probably buy recycled paper for office printing. It’s not quiiiiiite as white as the other stuff, but I guarantee that you’ll never notice.

  2. Don’t forget to recycle your ink cartridges!
    Also, laser printers use a block of wax instead of an ink cartridge so there is no waste when you are finished with it.

  3. I posted last week on my blog about printing to pdf to avoid killing trees. I hate drowning in paper, and it drives me crazy that people still print out emails. It also saves on file space if you have no physical files, only folders on your computer.

  4. Use the most annoying printer you can find. That way you always think several times before subjecting yourself to a print 🙂

    As you can tell – ours takes forever!

    viv in nz

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