Do One Thing: Stop Watering The Sidewalk.


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The sidewalks around here sure do get a lot of watering during the day. Not sure what these people are trying to grow, but maybe concrete DOES multiply if you give it enough water! If you are watering your lawn using sprinklers, please be sure to calibrate them correctly so that the sidewalks and the street don’t get the majority of the water – that’s just wasteful. Imagine how much less water you could use if all the water actually hit the grass it was meant for! So this summer, please be sure to only water the grass and not the sidewalk… concrete and cement don’t need a drink.

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  1. I don’t go for the whole “perfect lawn” thing, but I do have a lot of gardens for both flowers and foods. While it may not be very practical for the lawn, I find that soaker hoses water my gardens most efficiently. The water is delivered directly to the areas where I have laid the hoses, and no water is lost through wind/evaporation before the water reaches the ground.

    I take great care of my gardens, but I spend little effort on my lawn. If my grass is green, give nature the credit.

  2. Down here in Argentina, I always see people washing off the sidewalks in front of stores and apartment buildings with a hose.

    Isn’t it faster and easier to just sweep? Not to mention it saves water. It sickens me to see people washing off sidewalks on purpose. Maybe if the (Argentine) government didn’t subsidize electricity, gas, and water and people actually had to pay full price they’d take the time to save energy/water.

  3. Ooh, I can’t express how angry I get when I see this all the time. Not to mention, it sucks to have to walk through it. Maybe non-environmentally-thoughtful municipalities could be convinced that it’s a “public safety hazard” and actively cite folks who do this nonsense.

  4. I just don’t get the watering thing. You water grass, then it grows faster, then you have to mow (using energy and polluting). Use soaker hoses for the garden and let the grass be. Then again, I have dandelions and other non-blade plants to color my yard so I’m probably in a whole different universe than someone who waters their grass. 🙂

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