Do One Thing: Switch To Recycled Content Toilet Paper.


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This is an easy one that you won’t even have to suffer for! If every household in America switched out just ONE roll of regular TP for recycled TP, we would:

Save 470,000 trees,
Use 1.2 million cubic feet LESS landfill space
Save about 169 million gallons of water

Now imagine if you switched out all your rolls! Really, is there any need to use virgin paper for toilet paper? Recycled content paper is not the harsh stuff that it used to be, and the products from places like Trader Joe’s or Seventh Generation are just fine. So please, at least try a roll – cutting down trees to make toilet paper is pretty strange, don’t you think?

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  1. Amen! I’ll vouch for Seventh Generation – no one even knows that it’s recycled TP. Apparently somewhere out there, there is a brand of TP that is ‘tree free’! I’m curious what the cost on that is, what it’s made out of and what it feels like!

  2. It’s made from sugar-cane paper, from what I have heard. Not sure if that is worse or better than using virgin tree wood!

  3. The 7th Generation T.P. is great and is really catching on. Last time we were in the store, it was sold out. 7th Generation also makes paper towels. (if your into that sort of thing)


  4. I can tell you that I don’t want to use reusable cloth wipes, but if you are able to do so, more power to you! If we could even get people to use recycled TP we would be better off, but that is taking it to the next level that most people probably wouldn’t go to…

  5. What about reusable cloth wipes instead of disposable toilet paper? Reducing the use of TP seems like a better goal than buying something with the highest post-consumer recycled content.

  6. We use 7th generation TP, I have kids who waste like crazy (trying to teach conservation but has not kicked in there yet), can’t see killing good trees for flushing down the toilet. I’ve heard about people going the no-tp route, I’m not ready for that but right now 7th generation is a good compromise.

  7. Reusable cloth wipes would use up a whole lot of water in washing them. And considering what’s being washed out, you’d probably want to use very hot water so now you’re using up natural gas and water to save on recycled paper. And then there’s the added time spent by people having to wash the cloths; human time is also a resource. Seems like a pretty bad trade-off, compared to 100% post consumer recycled paper.

  8. While I generally only use the cloth wipes for urine, I have used cloth wipes for six months and had no issues with washing in cold water (no natural gas). The amount of cloth wipes do not necessitate a separate load of laundry (no wasted water or electricity). Urine is usually sterile so no scary germs, and just hang wipes outside to let the sunshine dry and UV irradiate the fabric.

  9. We know some people who use reusable TP and there’s no way we will go there. Just too squeamish. I like the argument about how they use a lot of water to wash them, thanks, now I feel better about being such a wimp!

  10. We’ve been using recycled TP for years. I still haven’t converted my parents though.

    Here in Australia it’s becoming so popular (and is often cheaper, or the same cost as virgin TP) that some brands sell out quite quickly in the supermarket, while all the non-recycled TP is just sitting there on the shelf. I get a little kick out of that when it happens. 🙂

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