Do One Thing: Take Only Photos & Not Souvenirs From The Outdoors.

When spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking, camping, or whatever, the only thing you should be taking home with you is what you had with you when you arrived. You should not be picking up rocks, taking home starfish, or collecting anything that is found in nature. Sure, it may seem like a tiny amount to you right then and there – but multiply that tiny little bit by the millions of people on earth. If we all did it, there wouldn’t be anything left. So when you spend time outside, bring your camera and take pictures of the things you find interesting. Nature, and the rest of us, will thank you for it.

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  1. Quite true. My husband talked to the ranger about it the last time we went hiking in our local mountains. He knew the answer already, but the kids needed to hear it, as they’d try to take half the forest home, swearing they’d make collages or other crafts.

  2. I went to a state park near the Chesapeake Bay last week as part of my son’s field trip. The rangers limited the kids to 3 items each. I was surprised they were that lenient, and asked them about it. The ranger said “there are lots of sharks teeth out there.”

    Don’t get me started on pillaging of Indian beads from the Chesapeake.

    Whatever happened to “leave no trace?”


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