Do One Thing: Take Part In The Political Process.

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This week’s Do One Thing is about getting involved in the political process. When I was younger, I tended to avoid getting involved because I thought that it didn’t matter what “we, the people” thought. It’s only been in the last 10 years or so that I realized that “we, the people” add up to a whole lot of people, who when combined can make a difference! It’s very easy to find your local representatives, both on a state level and on the federal level. Just head over to Roll Call on, and enter your zip code on the left hand side. It will then give you a list of clickable names, where you can write directly to them about issues you care about. On the same site, you can also see what bills are being voted on and where, so if there is something you can be concerned about you can see how it is doing. If we don’t let our elected officials know what we want, how can we judge them on their actions?

That all being said, oftentimes you won’t hear back from them. For instance, I wrote to my Senators, Representatives, the NM Dept of Transportation, my Mayor, and Governor about the trash situation here in New Mexico. That was 2 weeks ago, and not a peep from a single one of them. I want to find out who is in charge of picking up trash on the sides of our roads, and what can be done to actually get it done. It’s embarrassing to think what visitors think about how we treat our beautiful town. However, since I didn’t hear back from any of them, I will be writing to the paper next and mentioning the fact that not a single elected official bothered to get back to me.

If you want to make a difference, sometimes it takes a little effort. So Do One Thing – take part in the political process!

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  1. In my area, I’ve never seen anyone town employee picking up trash from the sides of the roads. Usually the ppl who enjoy walking on the road do it. But just wanted to say that I use to think it was unintelligent ppl chucking their garbage out their car windows. But, I got stuck behind the recycling truck once and realized how much stuff gets blown out as it’s driving down the road. That doesn’t explain the couches and tires but some litter was on it’s way to the proper spot. 🙂

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