Do One Thing: Tell The FDA You Won’t Eat GMO Salmon


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Like to eat fish that hasn’t been genetically modified into frankenfish? Tell the FDA.

Massive mutant GMO salmon, genetically engineered to grow twice as fast as wild salmon, are coming to a table near you if you don’t act today.

On September 3rd, a panel of three Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials declared that genetically modified salmon were “safe” for human consumption. Somehow, the elite FDA panel arrived at this “decision” based on “scientific research” provided by AquaBounty Technologies, the same company that stands to profit from introducing its patented genes onto our plates.

With the potential approval of GMO salmon, Americans are now entering an alarming new era of genetic experimentation with food animals, nature and the human population. Already the scientific community is warning against the real risk that these unnaturally engineered fish pose to wild species, the environment and human health.

Act today to stop the FDA from allowing this disaster to happen!

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  1. Won’t these altered fish be required to have labels?
    I would only want to eat salmon that are farmed or wild..not genetically engineered. Are there other products that are engineered also? …you are helping we readers by providing a great service for making intelligent decisions.

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