Do One Thing: Use A Handkerchief.


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This past week I have been sick as a dog. I wake up one morning feeling better, and then the next morning I feel worse. I imagine it is some kind of a flu and will eventually go away, but for the time being it has been miserable. And while the first few days involved keeping a box of tissues nearby, 2 days ago I remembered that I had handkerchiefs in my dresser drawer that I had never used. After digging them out, I now keep one with me all the time, which has drastically reduced my tissue use. However, these aren’t the boring handkerchiefs you buy at Target – these are fabric remnants I found at my moms house and kept for myself. While I have several cool ones, this is my favorite one:

Using a handkerchief kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and saw my grandfather pull one out of his pocket to wipe his nose (or mine!). And while I probably wouldn’t use one if I was still blowing my nose every 3.2 minutes, it works fine for me now at the tail end of this cold. So next time you have a runny nose, try this Do One Thing and use a handkerchief!

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  1. I will applaud you for your contributions, but the thought of carrying around a dirty snot rag is going a bit far. Sorry.

    There is a reason why they were used way-back-when – paper tissues didn’t exist.

  2. I am all for reusing, reducing, and recycling, but cloth snot rags are something I have been hesitant to add to my list. Partially because cleaning them is not always an option (coin operated washers, hand washing isn’t always a valuable option), you have the darn thing in your pocket all day with whatever you’ve blown from your nose. I work hard to avoid being sick in general, so that helps.

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