Don’t Be One Of Them.

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Ever feel like the environmental movement is always climbing a hill but will never, ever reach the top?

Our President, who once stated he would do something to help protect the environment, has pretty much dropped that idea by the wayside. The CO2 level in our atmosphere is expected to pass record levels this month, rising above 400 parts per million (ppm), well above the 350 ppm most scientists consider the max it ever should be, and fracking is taking off.

Genetically modified foods are becoming the norm, infiltrating every aspect of our food supply. The government is now protecting Monsanto against lawsuits. Storms are getting stronger, the glaciers are disintegrating at a much faster pace than ever, and sea levels are projected to rise even faster than previously projected.

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, it seems like our situation has only gotten more dire. In 43 years, we are going backward – not forward. More pollution, more fossil fuels, less government regulation, more fake food full of toxic ingredients, more long-distance travel by air, more companies willing to destroy the environment in the name of corporate profits, and islands full of plastic waste filling up our oceans. This is not progress.

Why are we okay with destroying our (only) planet?

For being the most intelligent species to ever inhabit this place, we sure are hell-bent on destroying it. What is in our DNA that won’t allow us to see beyond the end of our nose and what we are doing to this place? Is it because we are just not smart enough to believe we have that kind of power?

We do.

That power is in our technology, not in our abilities. If the industrial revolution had never occurred, this wouldn’t be occurring. We created it, we continue to use abuse it, and we continue to make it stronger and even more destructive. “Progress” as it is often called is anything but; we are headed towards an almost certain, very uncomfortable, demise. I won’t be here to experience it, but future generations will. And what will they wonder about us? They’ll wonder why we kept doing the same thing over and over and over again, even in the face of such obvious destruction. Talk about looking stupid.

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  1. Great post. There are so many other things that environmentalist groups could be doing to push the actual change needed in society today to make sure their future generations don’t look back and ask themselves what we were all doing. During the industrial revolution we had all the renewable technology available, but instead we pushed coal and oil into the front lines. We need another industrial revolution, but this time it needs to be working harder to bring down coal and oil and do what we should have a hundred years ago.

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