Don’t Be One Of Them.

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All the light bulb changing in the world isn’t going to save us; we’re well past that now. Sure, we need to make the small individual changes each and every day. They are still good things to do. But until we force real change, it’s not going to help all that much in the big picture.

So please, make some real change as soon as you can. Don’t worry about which light bulb to buy anymore – we all already know that information, especially anyone reading The Good Human. It’s time to step up your game. Start campaigns, show up at rallies, call out environmental hypocrites in public, elect real leaders, yell from the top of the highest mountain you can get to.

Don’t be afraid

I know many so-called “environmentalists” that won’t raise their voice against organizations like The Nature Conservancy – which has $1.4 billion invested in publicly traded securities, much of it in fossil fuels or the Sustainable Brands group, which counts BASF: The Chemical Company as a platinum sponsor. Instead, they would rather reblog the 1,832 ways to go green than upset some of these groups which buy ads on their sites.

Don’t let that be you

Each week I publicly ask The Nature Conservancy and their CEO Mark Tercek why they take millions of dollars from Monsanto. I haven’t skipped a week in over 3 years, and each time I do it at least one new person sees my question, learns about the partnership, considers it, and maybe even shares it with their readers. I am not afraid of TNC – they should be afraid of all of us, spreading the truth.

Don’t be a greenwasher. This isn’t a drill, this is real life. Somehow, someday, we need to get to the top of that hill and make it over the top, where we start seeing some positives from all of our efforts. If we don’t, well…

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  1. Great post. There are so many other things that environmentalist groups could be doing to push the actual change needed in society today to make sure their future generations don’t look back and ask themselves what we were all doing. During the industrial revolution we had all the renewable technology available, but instead we pushed coal and oil into the front lines. We need another industrial revolution, but this time it needs to be working harder to bring down coal and oil and do what we should have a hundred years ago.

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