Earth-Friendly Gifts For Your Clients, Employees and Business Partners

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While printing plastic cards for less can reduce the amount of paper that is printed at a print shop, there are even bigger ways to be environmentally responsible when planning your print collateral campaign. Trust a printing company that not only offers recycled paper and vegetable-based ink but that is certified in globally recognized conservation initiatives like the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). Recycled business cards could some day soon be not only appreciated but expected.

LED Flashlights

LED is the second most optimal light source (other than the sun, of course) and could help save the earth’s water supply. Print your logo on a LED flashlight, bookmark or keychain and your environmentally conscious promotional gifts will be used, appreciated and remembered.

Bamboo (Nearly) Everything

Bamboo: one of the most abundant sustainable raw resources on the earth. Basically, it’s grass. And boy, does it grow fast. No need for chemicals or pesticides, considering all it really needs is rainwater to grow. This eliminates carbon emissions and waste allowing everyone to breathe a little easier.

There are some unique gifts to offer clients, employees and potential customers that include (but are not limited to) pens, back scratchers, t-shirts, tote bags and USB drives. Learn more about the benefits at

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