The Unbelievable Health Benefits Foam Rolling!

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Foam Rolling….. You may have heard of it before now but chances are you have not realised how much it may change your life. This post will show you both the benefits of foam rolling and how to foam roll. We will go through the science behind the idea, and show you foam rolling exercises.

I can forgive you for assuming that I am exaggerating with the life changing claim, I would have assumed so in your position – but a few weeks back, while standing still something happened in my left calf that floored me. It just ‘pinged’, I don’t know how else to describe it, but it was agonising. I was unable to walk for a couple of days, and gradually hobbled my way back to normality over the course of a week or so.

Two days ago I thought I was safe to start running and cycling again, I had literally forgotten all about my calf issue, the strange blip that had been and gone…..until the following morning!

Whatever it was I had done had left a mark, and it hurt.

Cue lots of googling! Physiotherapy and sports massage is expensive and I wanted to see if there was another ‘at home’ option that I could try to help.

This is where I stumbled across foam rolling. After a lot of reading and watching a few demonstrations I ambled about the house trying to find something that resembled what I needed to give me an instant fix. My temporary solution was a large can of bath-foam – but I intend to try to make one with some PVC pipe with a thick layer of carpet underlay attached.

I laid on my bed to make up for the fact that my roller couldn’t be squashed like a foam roller….and spent ten minutes rolling my leg up and down, focusing on the really sore spots. It required some heavy breathing, but once I stopped, the muscle was softer and the pain was hugely diminished. I am sold! So I knew I should tell you all about it. The benefits are pretty impressive.

Who Should ‘Foam Roll’?

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