Eco-Cell: Keep Old Cellphones & Accessories Out Of Our Landfills.

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In response to my post about the amount of cellphones discarded in this country each day, Paige from The Budget Ecoist wrote to me about a cellphone recycling service she came across called Eco-Cell. I am so glad she let me know about this because it is so important that our used phones get recycled or reused correctly rather than ending up in landfills! Here is what Eco-Cell’s website says that they do:

ECO-CELL runs a strict NO LANDFILL Program! ALL items received by ECO-CELL, including batteries, accessories, and phones with no resale value, will be recycled using the best demonstrated technologies for recycling e-waste.

  • Reuse: Through our innovative program approximately 80% of the phones collected will be refurbished and reused by first-time users abroad or by selected local organizations, such as Hospital patients for emergency 911 calls.

  • Recycle: All unusable cell phones and accessories will be recycled under strict EPA guidelines by certified recyclers.
  • These guys also allow you to have fundraisers collecting old phones for recycling, and they take all working and non-working phones of any shape, size or age. Check them out if you are in need of somewhere to recycle your phone, and thanks to Paige for letting me know about them!

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