Eco-Friendly And Wallet-Friendly Gifts For The Holidays.

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can start the steady march towards Christmas. If you celebrate Christmas, you know how this holiday is – a bunch of people spending more money than they have. And on top of the money spent, a lot of the items purchased are not exactly good for our environment – plastic toys, presents wrapped in virgin paper wrappers, power-hungry electronics and gizmos – you get the drift. So this holiday season, see if you can get someone something that is both easy on your wallet and safe for our environment. Here is a list of a few things I could think of that could fit the bill.

  • A solar-powered charger for cellphones and iPods. I have one of these that sits in my office window all day, and I can charge up my phone at night with it. I believe it cost me about $50 from Solar Style.
  • Buy a family member a membership in a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture. This way they get fresh fruit and veggies delivered right to their door all year.
  • Pick up a goat or 2. You and I both know it – people in developing countries have it way worse than we do and wouldn’t it feel great to know that you were helping them with a step up? Heifer International provides goats, chicks, pigs and even trees to help families around the world from your donations.
  • Buy your mom a reusable shopping bag or two. Check out Envirosax or Reuseit
  • If you have children to buy for, try to avoid the plastic toys that keep making the “recall” rounds and stick to nice wood ones. Check out Nest Please and Melissa & Doug as a starting point.
  • For the wife, why not pick up some organic cotton or hemp pajama’s? A great place to start is We have bought stuff from them in the past and will continue to do so. Also, if you do order, be sure to pay the extra $2.00 to plant a tree to offset the shipping!
  • Of course, homemade goodies are always welcome. Even with all natural organic ingredients, they still don’t cost that much.
  • What kind of eco-friendly things are on your holiday shopping list? Let me know in the comments section so we can all share ideas!

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