Managing Your Eco-Friendly Garden

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There are many products on the market that can help you to manage and grow your eco-friendly garden. Here are some ideas that many may not have considered.


Water is a valuable commodity in many communities. Widespread drought has made watering lawns illegal in some areas. But, when you do water, do it right. Many people think they are doing their watering right when they lightly sprinkle a lawn. However, it depends on what type of grass you have. Bermuda grasses actually have deep roots. If you set up a soaker hose and deeply water your lawn for – yes – hours, the roots will grow even deeper, making your lawn drought resistant. That’s exactly what we have done. Our West Texas lawn appears to be dead due to a 2 year drought, but 18 inches below the surface are healthy Bermuda roots, ready for the rains to return. We water our lawn 3 times a year but the roots are still alive.


The lawn does require water, but, it also engenders life. Our house was known as the “Sticker Patch” before we moved in. All of the neighborhood kids avoided it because of the grass burrs. The ground was hard and impenetrable. As we nurtured the lawn grasses, the roots grew and loosened up the soil. Soon, it was full of earth worms, which enriched the soil. This brought the birds. We even had a snail problem before the drought. In addition, it lowered the temperature on our corner lot. You could actually feel a difference between our lot and the neighbor’s garden that was – well, more of a yard. So, don’t look down on people who nurture a lawn – they’re nurturing Nature, too.

eco-friendly garden


All right, you’re probably wondering “Milkspore?” This is a natural pesticide. Cut worms, or grubs, are a problem with many gardens. However, the poisons use to kill the pests are bad for the environment. Milkspore is natural, and doesn’t damage the ecosystem, but it will kill pests. It is more expensive than pesticides, but, you’ll NEVER HAVE TO REAPPLY IT! That’s right. Milkspore is a permanent pesticide. Take that, chemicals!

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