The Good Human Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide.

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No greenwashing, no spending money you don’t have, no buying stuff just for the sake of buying stuff. Just real, useful products for the green or the green at heart. I received a few emails last week while we were moving asking me for my ideas for “green” Christmas presents, and I came up with this list of a few that I think fit the bill. So if you are looking for a great small gift for someone, check out some of these items that I picked out!

Want to buy a one-stop kit for the green on your holiday list? Check out Kathy’s Climate Kits, which is a box full of items to help you stop climate change! Included in the package: 2 compact fluorescent light bulbs, window weatherstripping, an auto-sensor LED nightlight, a faucet aerator, tire pressure gauge, compact reusable Chico-Bag (color may vary), a form letter for reducing junk mail, 3 pre-stamped letters to Congress on climate policy, a reusable grocery bag, a toilet tank bank (saves water when flushing), toilet leak detection dye tablets, and some fun and informative Climate Cards. Even better? They will also make a donation to an environmental organization based on what you have done to fight climate change at home. What more could anyone ask for? Kathy sent me a sample of her kit and we were amazed at the stuff included. Makes a great gift for the beginning or experienced environmentalist. And right now, they are offering free holiday shipping, and if readers enter the code FESTIVAL during checkout, they’ll get 10% off.

Made from 90% post-consumer recycled content (recycled plastic bottles & containers) and with Fair Labor/Fair Wage principles, this Recycled PET thermal lunch bag is only $9.95. Using recycled PET is smart – it cuts down on waste & minimizes damage to the environment by conserving oil, energy & non-renewable resources. In the U.S. alone over 45 billion plastic containers end up in landfills in 2006. Choosing products made from recycled PET promotes a more sustainable path for plastic. Don’t buy one if your existing lunch bag is still in working condition, but if you need a new one, this is the one to buy!

This stainless steel water bottle from Klean Kanteen both saves you money and saves the environment from a plastic assault. The wide-mouth accommodates ice cubes and makes cleaning easy, while the sports cap and size make this bottle ideal for sports and other activities. We carry our bottles with us everywhere we go now (I don’t know when it happened, but it feels weird to be without them now!) and have not bought bottled water in years.

Your brother always gets his coffee in a throw-away cup every morning? How about getting him this “I Am Not A Paper Cup” Thermal Porcelain Mug that looks and acts like a paper cup, but can be washed every day! Designed to look like the real thing, this double-walled porcelain mug and silicone lid insulate your drink, while helping you reduce wasteful consumption of throwaway cups. Bring this mug to your favorite coffee shop (many offer a discount), or use it to pretend you are still sitting in your favorite coffee shop.

Bazura Bags are handmade using colorful recycled juice containers to form cool, one-of-a-kind styles. These bags are made in the Philippines by a women’s cooperative, utilizing used juice containers. These containers are purchased through a network of local school children. Indestructible and non-biodegradable by nature, foil juice packs clog landfills, fields and streets throughout the Philippines. Using clever designs that combine the material’s strength & brilliant colors, the co-op helps keep the environment clean via this very cool method of recycling.

Take your sandwich to work every day in a plastic bag? Sure, it can be washed – but plastic bags are eventually be thrown in the garbage. Instead, check out these “Happy-Sacks” – reusable, washable and made from cotton, they have the potential to eliminate 1000’s of plastic bags over their lifetime, saving you money at the same time. As part of a waste-free lunch kit, these reusable bags can ultimately help you consume less plastic.

How about toys for the kids? Why buy them the plastic stuff from China that could be laced with lead, when you can instead invest in some beautiful and safe hardwood toys that will last forever? The company Design For Play is offering a 10% discount for readers of The Good Human for the month of December with the discount code “GH10” at checkout.

Still can’t find something for that certain someone? How about a gift certificate to, where your recipient can pick out their own bottles and bags?

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  1. Thanks for these budget-friendly gift ideas! It’s usually hard to balance unique with budget-friendly. I especially love the recycled juice boxes purse – I have a purse freak on my Christmas list!!

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