EcoNest – Green Homes Made of Clay, Straw & Timber

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of the phrase EcoNest? Well, if you thought of an eco-friendly comfortable home, you’re pretty close to the meaning I came up with too. Natural building pioneer Robert Laporte and architect Paula Baker-Laporte created the EcoNest concept over 15 years ago, and along the way have helped people design and build their own custom eco-friendly green homes. All the materials used in the construction of the homes are carefully checked for chemical content and transportation impacts, all local natural materials are sustainably harvested, and these homes are even wired for Electro-magnetic radiation reduction to reduce exposure to EMF’s (electromagnetic field) which are produced by electrically charged objects like our computers, wi-fi, and cellphones.

“An EcoNest home is a hand crafted sanctuary of timber-frame and light clay construction that invites owner and community participation into the building process through our natural building workshops. It will then serve for generations as a legacy of deep health and deep ecology.”

While the firm works with clients to design and build the perfect EcoNest for their needs, they also offer workshops for both clients and interested parties to learn about, and actually participate in, building a hand-crafted eco-friendly home. Whether it’s a building workshop in timber framing, clay-fiber walls, traditional roof construction, or any of the other classes they offer, there seems to be an incredible wealth of green home-building knowledge that Laporte and Baker-Laporte provide in these workshops.

If you are interested in either designing and building a custom EcoNest, taking a building workshop, or just in learning what goes into such eco-friendly homes, you may want to seek these guys out. Check them out at EcoNest Homes and EcoNest Design Santa Fe, where you can find a wealth of information, pictures, and even floorplans of their beautiful homes.

Just as an aside, I own their book “EcoNest”, which has a permanent place in my bookcase and is referred to quite often when I dream of the home I would like to own oneday. It’s a great reference for anyone interested in eco-friendly building and homes.

2 thoughts on “EcoNest – Green Homes Made of Clay, Straw & Timber”

  1. These guys have been around for 15 years? That’s excellent news. I really, really like this design. The question is how do we get the principles included here to become standard practice.

    Btw, have you run across Earthships? I first saw them in Taos, NM years ago and have been enamoured ever since…

    • Yes, I have! I live in Santa Fe, and I have stayed in the earthships. There are a few articles here on the site about them as well.


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