EcoSnoop: Environmental Activism With Your iPhone.


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Got an iPhone? Care about the environment? Well, a new social networking app for us environmentalists will allow us to post environmental concerns as we see them and to find green businesses in our area – one picture at a time. The app is called EcoSnoop and it blends environmental activism and responsibility with social networking by using the iPhone’s camera and GPS tagging capabilities to report things like leaky fire hydrants or companies wasting electricity to city and state governments, campuses, and businesses. From the press release:

Say you are walking down the street one evening and you notice an office building that has left on the majority of their lights, even though the business is closed. Snap a quick photo with your iPhone, and input as much information about the case as you see it. Through GPS, the case will be tagged so that other EcoSnoop environmentalists in the area can see it on their local maps as well, providing comments and suggestions on how to resolve the case. All it takes now is one of these EcoSnoopers to walk into the building the next day armed with not only the necessary evidence, but the support of others in the community and a plan of action on how to resolve the situation. Once a resolution is in place, the location can be tagged as resolved and given a green thumbs up as an environmentally aware business.

Two versions of EcoSnoop are currently available for the iPhone , a free, ad supported version, and a ad-free version for those environmentalists willing to drop $1.99 towards the cause. Plans for expansion to other platforms including Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Palm are currently in the works. I will definitely be downloading this app to give it a shot and see how it works, and hopefully many others will as well. The only way it will work properly is if many people have it and participate in the process…so if you have an iPhone, you might want to give it a try.

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  1. I actually downloaded this last week. I think this is a great app. Being new, there are only two “cases” so far in the Washington DC area, but I know where there are others to be photographed and tagged.

  2. While its intentions may be good, this app has a rotten name that seems to promote the “us versus them” mentality. I’d rather call myself an Eco-Educator, Solver, or Collaborator than a “Snoop”.

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